ballast water purification unit

Nowadays, people from all over the world pay particular attention to the environment and
environmental protection issues. The pollution of the world ocean with harmful microorganisms
by sea transport is a quite critical problem.
International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and
Sediments (BWM Convention) came into force on 8 September 2017. Purpose of the Convention
is to prevent spreading of alien aquatic organisms from one area to another and reduce harm to
the marine environment.
Cholera epidemic in Peru in 1991 and emergence of black-striped mussel in the Great Lakes,
Now, in accordance with D1 Standard of the Convention, most ships change their ballast at
the certain depth and distance from the shore. Yet, by 8 September 2024 sea vessels shall comply
with D2 Standard which specifies requirements to the discharged ballast water taking into
account concentrations of pathogens (see the slide).
There are several main types of ballast water treatment units: UV purification plant,
treatment with chemicals, neutral gas, by electrolysis.
Breezemarine Service offers shipowners to install ballast water purification system of two
– UV treatment system manufactured by French company BIO SEA
– Wake flow electrolysis method by HANLA IMS (Korea).
Each system has its features and advantages.
In accordance with the requirements of the Convention, new vessels shall be equipped with
specialized systems at the stage of construction. These systems shall be implemented on board
the existing ships before 8 September 2024. BWTS can be installed without a need of
interrupting ship’s operation, except for some cases. For example, BWTS can be installed on
board the tankers, in case the complete or partial degassing of the vessel is required in order to
perform welding.
If you need help in equipping your vessel with ballast water purification unit, contact us. We
can find an appropriate option for your ship.

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