Passenger/Ro-Ro Cargo Ship REGAL STAR

These days, fuel costs have become one of the main expenditure items for water transport owners. It is more profitable for the ship owner to use oil, but due to the limitation for gas emission into the atmosphere, ship owners are forced to buy low-sulfur fuel. It is the use of such fuels that requires preliminary preparation before feeding into the engine.

But, for a start, it is necessary to understand what the fuel is spent on and whether it is used with purpose.

We’d like to present you our project on board the Passenger/Ro-Ro Cargo Ship REGAL STAR.

Our main task was to start monitoring fuel consumption by 2 Main Engines and 3 diesel generators.

We’ve decided to install a fuel consumption monitoring system at 2 main engines and a linear measurement system at 6 diesel generators and a boiler. 

We displayed the information on the operator’s panel in the control centre.

On the bridge, we installed a repeater interfaced with the GPS receiver.

Two new viscometers were installed and integrated into the system as well as torsiometers were installed on the propeller shafts.

We installed a new system for monitoring the temperature of generator bearings. All data were to be collected into one system and safely redirected to the Customer’s office by means of a special monitoring and analytics software.









This system helped the ship operator to identify and adjust the optimal ship modes with lower loads and fuel consumption. An automated fuel heating system was also installed thanks to a viscometer.

Now the system makes calculations for the vessel’s operation modes and shows, where and how fuel consumption can be reduced.

The program also took the viscometer readings and gave the command to warm up the fuel before feeding it to the engines.

If you decide to try oil, how would you be able to simplify the fuel preparation process for the crew as much as possible. 

The main advantage of our system is an individual approach to each Client. All our projects are developing based on the needs and requirements of the ship owner. And this segment of the system is optional. The cost is calculated additionally at the request of the Customer.

Before to implement the system, we always conduct an inspection of the ship’s energy consumers. On the territory of the Northwestern Federal District and the Baltic States, we propose you a free audit.

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