Preparation of the ship FINVAL to insurance

We would like to present you another project: Preparation of the ship FINVAL to insurance.

We had the following tasks before us:
▪️Survey inspection of the ship (hull & machinery insurance) and check of all documentation.
▪️Inspection of the technical condition of the ship. Full condition survey. H&M (hull & machinery) survey.

The customer’s main problem was the lack of insurance needed for the operation of the ship and proven specialists who could perform these tasks.


What we did:

➕Inspection of the shell plating of the ship’s hull.
➕Check for valid certification, maintenance and documentation.
➕Testing the towing arrangement, winches, anchor arrangements in operation.
➕Testing the main pumps, compressors, etc. in operation.
➕Testing the ADG (auxiliary diesel generators) / ADG in parallel with ME (main engine) and the steering gear Testing the ME and ADG automatic control, protection and alarm system for critical parameters; testing the correct operation of the EDG (emergency diesel generator) and emergency lighting when the EDG is being started.
➕Testing general ship alarms.
➕Simulating a fire alarm.
➕Checking the tanks and making sure that the protectors are available.
Upon the work completed, the Customer was given a survey report and was able to obtain insurance for the operation of the ship!

You can contact us or fill in an application form on the website, we will contact you at the earliest and carry out detailed onboard inspection of fuel and energy systems providing the report and giving recommendations. The audit is conducted for free in the ports of the Baltic States (EST, LV, LT) and the north-west region of the Russian Federation.


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