ROMANTICA Cruise Ferry

ROMANTICA Cruise Ferry

We faced several tasks:

Installation of automated fuel consumption metering systems at four main engines, three auxiliary engines and two boilers.

Configuration of the system monitoring the amount of fuel pumped over on board the vessel.

Installation of fuel additive dosing systems.

Configuration of bunkering monitoring.

After the audit was completed, we found solutions. We decided to carry out the project in several stages.

⠀1st STAGE:

Installing differential fuel consumption metering system at four main and three auxiliary engines, and two boilers.

Installing the system monitoring the amount of fuel pumped out of tanks using a linear meter.

Installing fuel additive dosing system taking into account fuel consumption of the main engine.

Displaying data on operators’ 20” panels in the control center and on the bridge.

Pairing with a GPS module.

Installing a data processing program on board a ship.

Installing a data transmitting module in the customer’s office.

Installing a program monitoring and analyzing fuel and ship energy consumption in an office.

⠀ 2nd STAGE:

Installing a real-time bunkering metering system.

Metrological verification and pairing with the main fuel consumption metering system.

After the installation and startup, we got the following results:

Extended reporting and operational data exchange between a vessel and an office.

Automatic generation of reports on fuel consumption and their immediate display in the office.

Automatic calculation of the optimal vessel operation in various conditions, identification of the points of increased fuel consumption.

Over 6 months since this system was installed and started, we’ve managed to optimize expenses and save 7% compared to the previous period

Bunkering control system helped refute the lost amount of fuel

If you want to get more information on our system or apply for performing an audit, DM or visit our website where you can send a request and we will contact you as soon as possible, properly inspect all your fuel and energy systems  as well as advise you how to save resources and enhance the efficiency of a vessel! An audit in the ports of the Baltic states (EST, LV, LT) and the North West regions of Russia is free!



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