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    Boiler equipment

    Marine boilers and steam generators from the Italian manufacturer, BBS DIVISION. BBS DIVISION specializes in the manufacture of industrial boilers and marine boilers for the international market!

    Horizontal boilers and steam generators

    The steam generator mod. 3PSBM – 3PSBMH is a single block generator with three smoke circuits with a large furnace and a wet inversion chamber with pressurized combustion and fully automatic operation.  It is supplied “packaged”: it is complete with all accessories. The supply includes the generator itself and the following    auxiliary components:   

    • 1 primary feed pump
    • 1 electrical control panel
    • 2 level indicators
    • regulation and safety devices
    • valves and accessories

    All these components are pre-mounted on the generator or on its base. The generator basically consists of a boiler including the shell, pipe plates, the combustion chamber with the inversion changer and the smoke pipes. 

    The shell is equipped with small blocks for steam intake, safety valves, 2 pipes for inserting the electronic safety and level regulation probes, the feed line, level indicators, discharge unit and TDS setup, manometer and pressure gauges. There is also a maintenance hole, a handrail and lifting eyebolts. 

    The (external and internal) pipe plates are welded on the plating and on the inversion chamber and are equipped with holes for inserting the smoke pipes. 


    Vertical boilers and steam generators:


    Superheated water boilers:

    Horizontal thermal oil boilers: