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    Spare parts and equipment

    The main direction of our activity is the supply of spare parts and mechanisms for ships (including merchant and passenger fleets, sea yachts, tugs and technical fleets for various purposes), for ship repair enterprises, as well as for other industries in which diesel engines and auxiliary mechanisms are used.

    Original equipment manufacturer and license-manufactured spare parts for two- and four-stroke marine diesel engines. We cooperate with partners from Europe, America, China, Korea and Japan. Spare parts are delivered in the shortest possible time.

    We supply spare parts for the following main brands, types and makes of diesel engines:

    BERGEN DIESEL: full range of OEM spare parts, high-quality spare parts from alternative manufacturers and remanufactured spare parts for diesel engines types K, B, C, L, R
    MAN B&W: 23, 26, 28, 35, 42, 45, 50, 55, 60, 62, 67, 70, 74, 80, 90 series
    MAK: M20, M25, M32, M451/2/3, M331/2, M281/2, M551/2 series
    DEUTZ MWM: full range, all types
    SULZER: AL, Z, ZA lines, RD, RND, RLA, RLB, RTA series
    CATERPILLAR: 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 series
    WÄRTSILÄ: VASA 22, 24, 32, 46 series
    SKL: NVD 26, NVD 36, NVD 48, VD 26, VD 36, VD 48 series
    YANMAR: basic types
    DAIHATSU: basic types
    VOLVO- PENTA: 100, 120, 121, 122 series
    CUMMINS: basic types
    MITSUBISHI: basic types
    NOHAB: basic types
    MIRLEES BLACKSTONE: basic types
    LISTER: basic types
    DETROIT: basic types

    Original equipment manufacturer and license-manufactured high-quality spare parts and assemblies for turbochargers and complete turbocharger units.
    Major components (bearings, oil pumps, assemblies) can be offered on exchange base.
    We offer fast and efficient delivery of spare parts and assemblies from the following manufacturers through a well-developed worldwide network:
    ABB / BBC: VTR type (full range)
    ABB / BBC: RR type (full range)
    IHI: all types (full line)
    MAN B&W: NA, NR type (full range)
    PBS Turbo: PDH series (full range)
    HOLSET: H, N series
    KKK: full range
    NAPIER: all basic types
    MITSUBISHI MET: full range
    KBB: H, R, K series
    CATERPILLAR: full line
    Main assemblies and complete units come complete with certificates issued by various classification societies (upon customer’s request).
    Major turbine components come complete with measurement charts and balancing test reports.
    All spare parts are supplied in accordance with the General Sales Terms & Conditions.

    We supply a wide range of original equipment manufacturer and license-manufactured spare parts and assemblies for most marine air and refrigeration compressors of various types, as well as complete compressor units.

    Compressor units are delivered according to customer’s requirements and in various designs, both new and remanufactured. All compressor units are tested and have a minimum 6-month operational warranty.

    We supply spare parts for the following main brands and types of compressors:

    J.P SAUER & SOHN: WP series
    SPERRE: HV and HL series
    TANABE: all types in full
    HATLAPA: L and W series
    HAMWORTHY: SF, TF, TM and V series
    YANMAR: all types in full
    BITZER: G, H, T, P, N, F series
    CARRIER: F and H series
    DAIKIN: all basic types
    SABROE –YORK: CMO and BFO types

    Spare parts for fuel and oil separators, as well as for distillation plants of various types. Our portfolio includes a wide choice of components for heat exchange systems.

    Oil and Fuel Separators

    Remanufactured oil and fuel separators (assembled) with a complete set of accessories and spare parts including purification and clarification discs.

    Separator units are bench tested and have a minimum 6-month operational warranty.

    Upon customer’s request, separators can be equipped with new control (EPC Board) and automated systems from both OEM and alternative manufacturers.

    We supply solenoid valves, valve repair kits, pressure switches, as well as three-way and control valves for unit control systems from leading manufacturers.

    Heat Exchangers

    We offer various heat exchange system solutions tailored to each customer’s particular needs. Plate and brazed heat exchangers of various designs and capacities.

    Complete sets of new exchange plates for heat exchange units from Alfa Laval, APV, GEA, Swep and Sondex.

    Fully remanufactured and shop-tested plate-and-frame heat exchangers having a class certificate and a 6-month operational warranty period.

    We select seals for plate heat exchangers made of various materials such as Nitrile, EPDM, Butyl, Viton to be suitable for the operating conditions.

    Distillation Plants

    Distillation plants of various types and spare parts for them.

    Main brands available:

    Separators: Heat exchangers: Alfa Laval, APV, GEA, Swep, Sondex
    Distillation plants: Alfa Laval, GEA

    All spare parts are supplied in accordance with the General Sales Terms & Conditions.

    A wide range of pump spare parts and components as well as assembled pump units of various applications and versions.

    Our scope of supply also includes spare parts for water, fuel, vacuum, sewage, hydraulic and chemical pumps of various designs and operating principles.

    We supply:

    Spare parts for centrifugal, piston, rotary-vane, diaphragm, membrane and vortex type water pumps;

    Spare parts for gear, piston and screw type fuel pumps;

    Spare parts for axial piston, radial piston, rotary vane and gear type hydraulic pumps;

    Spare parts for special-purpose pumps, e.g. black water, slurry/dredging and chemical pumps.

    Main types and brands:

    KRAL: all types in full
    BORNEMANN: all types in full
    ALLWEILER: all types in full
    JHONSON PUMP: all types in full
    KSB: all basic types
    ITUR: all basic types
    AZCUE: all basic types
    TAIKO-KIKAI: all types in full
    SETTIMA: all types in full
    GZUD: all basic types
    GARBARINO: all basic types
    NANIWA: all types in full
    SHIN-SHIN: all types in full
    REXROTH: all types in full
    DESMI: all basic types
    IRON: all basic types
    FUKUSHIMA: all basic types
    RUSSIAN made: all basic types

    Pumps can be provided with certificates from classification societies (upon customer’s request).

    We offer the best choice of shaft line seals, bearings and spare parts of the Wärtsilä Seals & Bearings UK brand of all range line.

    Rudder seals
    Hydraulic nuts & bolts
    Hydraulic couplings
    Propeller nozzles
    Sterntube seals
    Thrust bearings
    Waterjet seals
    Thruster seals

    We offer a full range of original and alternative spare parts for shipboard cranes. We deal with partners that supply spare parts in the shortest possible time from Europe, America, Japan, UAE, Korea and China.

    Electrical equipment: contactors, relays, limit switches, joysticks, electric heaters, windscreen wipers and other accessories.
    Hydraulic equipment: hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, components and spare parts for them.

    Mechanical parts: winches, gearboxes, pinions and geared rings, bearings, brakes, cables and other equipment.

    Equipment exchange pool: we offer remanufactured units (hydraulic motors and pumps) for exchange with an operational warranty period

    Supply of provision and cargo cranes: new and reconditioned.

    We supply spare parts for the following main brands of cranes:

    LIEBHERR: all types in full range
    Mac Gregor: basic types
    IHI: basic types
    FUCUSHIMA: basic types
    HAGGLUNDS: basic types
    NMF: all types in full range
    MITSUBISHI: basic types
    Spare parts for cranes of other manufacturers are available upon request.

    Deck Equipment
    We supply spare parts for the following equipment:
    Hatch covers and ramps by MacGregor, Navire, Kvaerner:
    Sealing rubber of various profiles, angle and end pieces
    Rollers, chains and other mechanical components
    Hydraulic cylinders and seals for them
    Manipulators, hydraulic valves, slide valves and repair kits for them
    Capstans and windlasses
    Anchor and mooring winches
    Remanufactured deck equipment and mechanisms with an operational warranty period

    Upon customer’s request, main units and parts and critical mechanisms may be accompanied with the Maritime Register’s certificates.

    We supply the following for ship repairers, shipbuilders and shipowners:

    Ship shutoff valves of various designs and dimensions (valves, gate valve, butterfly valves, safety valves, etc.)

    Ship doors (various classes and versions), portholes, hatches, manholes

    Mooring bitts, bollards, fenders
    Ventilation heads for fuel and ballast tanks

    Pressure / vacuum relief valves, ventilation systems and flame arresters for tanks of ships carrying all types of volatile organic chemical liquids (VOC)

    Electric equipment: lamps, spotlights, junction and starting boxes, power contactors, etc.

    Electric motors

    Automatics: pressure & temperature sensors, components of fire alarm and remote automated control systems

    Electric power cables

    Furniture, equipment, items and materials for ship spaces

    Rigging: cargo ropes, fixing slings and shackles

    Container fasteners and equipment: lashings, deck fittings, turnbuckles, chain ties, hand-operated and semi-automatic locks

    Anchor equipment, mooring lines

    Anodic protection, zinc and aluminum protectors (various sizes and designs)

    Supply of Drew Ameroid marine chemicals (including from the Tallinn warehouse)

    Other ship equipment. All items of supply supervised by classification societies come complete with class and quality certificates. All spare parts are supplied in accordance with the General Sales Terms & Conditions.

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