General technical supply

We supply the following for ship repairers, shipbuilders and shipowners:

Ship shutoff valves of various designs and dimensions
Valves, gate valve, butterfly valves, safety valves, etc.
Ship doors:
Various classes and versions), portholes, hatches, manholes
Mooring bitts, bollards, fenders
 Ventilation heads for fuel and ballast tanks
Pressure / vacuum relief valves, ventilation systems and flame arresters for tanks of ships carrying all types of volatile organic chemical liquids (VOC)
Electric equipment: lamps, spotlights, junction and starting boxes, power contactors, etc.
Electric motors
Electric power cables
Automatics : pressure & temperature sensors, components of fire alarm and remote automated control systems
Furniture, equipment, items and materials for ship spaces
Rigging : cargo ropes, fixing slings and shackles
Container fasteners and equipment : lashings, deck fittings, turnbuckles, chain ties, hand-operated and semi-automatic locks
Anchor equipment, mooring lines
Anodic protection, zinc and aluminum protectors : various sizes and designs
Supply of Drew Ameroid marine chemicals: including from the Tallinn warehouse
Other ship equipment. All items of supply supervised by classification societies come complete with class and quality certificates. All spare parts are supplied in accordance with the General Sales Terms & Conditions.