Cruise ferry «ROMANTIKA»

I-stage: Installing the differential monitoring system for fuel consumption on 4 main engines, 3 auxiliary engines and 2 boilers. Monitoring of the fuel rate transferred from the fuel storage tanks. Installing the fuel additive metering system depending on fuel consumption of the main engine. Displaying the data on the operator’s console in the central control room. Installing the monitoring repeater interfaced with a GPS-module on the bridge. Data processing program. Installing the data exchange module in the Customer’s office.

II-stage: Monitoring the fuel bunkering and receiving on board the ship.
Due to the implemented system, the vessel got an extended autonomous reporting form between the vessel and the office. Fuel consumption reports are automatically generated in the office in real time.

Also, the system automatically determines the required operating modes of the vessel, showing where it is possible to reduce fuel consumption.
The bunkering system helped to challenge not received cargo volume.

TALLINK Group. SILJA LINE, Tallinn, Estonia

Port Riga, Latvia
I-stage 12.2013 – 05.2014

Tallinn Port, Estonia
II-stage 04.2016 – 06.2016

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