Cargo-passenger ferry “STAR”

Task: Control and automated accounting of fuel consumption at 4 main engines, 3 diesel generators, 2 boilers. Accounting and control of the consumption of ship energy. Monitoring of bunkering (receiving fuel on the ship).

Problem: Increased fuel consumption.

Installation of a differential fuel consumption control system for 4 main, 3 auxiliary engines and 2 boilers. Implementation of a real-time bunkering accounting system (fuel intake on a ship). Installation of toriometers on propeller shafts – 2 pcs. Output of all information to operator panels 20 inches in the CPU and Bridge. GPS module. Information processing program on board. Collecting data into a single system for the fleet. Complex data transfer to the Customer’s server. Office program for monitoring and analyzing fuel and marine energy consumption.

The installed system helped the vessel operators to identify and adjust the optimal operating modes of the vessel with lower loads and fuel consumption. In addition, the system identified the problem of strong fuel pulsation after the cut-off on the main engines. Fuel dampers are installed.

After collecting data for a 6 month cycle, it was possible to optimize costs. Savings amounted to 5% on each transition, compared to previous periods.
The verified bunkering control system helped to challenge the moment of the lack of fuel from the bunker operator and generally disciplined the bunkering company.