Ecology and fleet

In accordance with EU Regulation 2015/757 (EU Regulation), all ships over 5000 GRT involved in commercial traffic and calling at European ports are required to monitor and provide information on carbon dioxide emissions to the European Commission and the Flag Administration.

In addition, each ship must monitor CO2 emissions to comply with MARPOL requirements and control fuel consumption.

Our company “Breezemarine Group” provides a solution for monitoring and automatic reporting of carbon dioxide emissions for any given period of time according to the methodology approved by MRV EU. The report can be provided in a format convenient for sending to the European Commission and for the shipowner. This tool simplifies the work of the crew, and also provides many other useful functions for planning the economical operation of the vessel.

How it works.
Our FCM system (automated fuel consumption accounting system) collects all the necessary data for the EU-MRV report and consolidates them into a single document. Through the online panel, you can simply download the MRV report, view it and send it in a form that will comply with the requirements of the EU-MRV regulation (2015/757).

The FCM system works on the basis of accurate measurement and analysis of fuel consumption and consumer performance data. Be sure to take into account external factors that can be obtained with high accuracy from ship devices and other external sources. Such as: wind, current, draft, roll, trim, position of the vessel, etc.
The collected data is used to make the most informed decisions by the crew and fleet operators.
In the process of accumulating information, the FCM system issues recommendations on the most optimal mode of operation of the mechanisms and the ship itself.

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