BWTS Installation – Practical Recommendations & Requirements

A significant number of ships must install a Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) by the 8th of September, 2024. That is the result of the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention, which took place in early September 2017. As the deadline nears, vessel operators may want to keep these practical recommendations in mind. 

Breezemarine Group is a core player in the maritime industry and supports straightforward integration of the BWM Convention. This post provides convenient advice on how to proceed so your vessels can meet this crucial deadline.

For Ship Owners/Operators

Meeting the BWTS requirement starts with ship owners & operators taking the necessary steps:

  • Figure out IOPP renewal dates for your vessel(s) and align them with the BWTS implementation requirements
  • Retroactive Requirements (RR): while comparing IOPP renewal dates, cross-reference them with specific RR messages that may require attention. It is a crucial step to figure out optimal dates and schedules for the broader procedure. Moreover, it paves the way for retrofit follow-ups if necessary. 
  • If the IOPP renewal was between September 8, 2014, and September 7, 2017: The BWMC Reg. B-3.10.1 applies, and the D-2 compliance date is the first IOPP renewal after September 7, 2017.
  • Ships with a last IOPP renewal before September 8, 2014: double-check the IOPP renewal date. If it matches this criterion, ensure these vessels had their first IOPP renewal after September 7, 2017, and before September 8, 2019, to meet D-2 compliance. If that is not the case, the D-2 compliance change becomes the first IOPP renewal since September 7, 2019. 
  • Pick the optimal treatment technology based on vessel type. Breezemarine provides various solutions for many different ship types and will provide the Type Approval Certificate to meet flag state requirements.
  • Plan the retrofit process and stick to it. Forward all necessary documents to class as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delays. 

NOTE: Ordering a system and the installation process – including installation drawings, design, and approval – can take several months. Make sure your vessels meet the appropriate deadline by placing the order as soon as possible.

BWMS, System TRC: 1200 m3/h

BWTS Approval Procedure

Drawing up installation designs is only a small step in this process. Breezemarine guarantees high quality of the drawings and design. We have a top-tier understanding of statutory and class rules. 

Approaching the drawings requires attention to detail, and Breezemarine will require various documents for the treatment technology types. Moreover, a minimum number of drawings must be submitted to receive approval. We will send the document upon request when applying for the approval procedure.

The approval procedure must be initiated three months before the scheduled installation. That “grace period” enables both parties to make final adjustments based on any comments that might pop up. 

The following items will often require the most attention:

  • BWMT system type and model (clearly stating it in all paperwork)
  • TAC (Valid Type Approval Certificate): Required for all systems issued or accepted by the vessel’s flag.
  • Stripping: treatment of ballast water from the ballast tank during operation, including equipment used for stripping. These all need to be documented thoroughly. 
  • Bypasses: Every bypass must be logged and sound an alarm.
  • D-2 Compliance Sampling port: Documentation must include the sampling pipe details, location, and where one can access sampling ports.
  • If using active substances: document the location and capacity of monitoring and ventilation of dangerous substances in the installation space.
  • BWM Plan: We provide a template with the minimum required details, but any additional information may prove helpful during the approval procedure. 

Once all documents are approved and the BWTS is installed, every vessel must undergo a commissioning and initial survey by a licensed Breezemarine surveyor. If everything checks out, the vessel will receive the International BWM Certificate (IBWMC), including D-2 certification. 

Start The Procedure Today

    • Check the list above to kick off the BWTS procedure
    • Ensure your approval process is submitted in due course to meet the September 8, 2024, deadline
  • Reach out to Breezemarine for any questions.