Eco – solution

Fuel consumption monitoring systems

In order to make the work of the shipping company more efficient and to simplify the work of its services, we have created and are successfully implementing FCM SYSTEMS Automated Fuel Metering and Control Systems – a universal tool that allows the crew and operators of the vessel: to visually and easily monitor the fuel / oil consumption of ship consumers. Analyze ship energy and the efficiency of using the ship as a whole. To store and process the incoming data, which makes it possible at the initial stage to determine deviations in the normal operation of the engine fuel system and initiate fault diagnosis. Allows you to identify increased fuel and energy consumption on board. Monitor the state of the vessel online from anywhere in the world. Has an office monitoring and tracking solution for the ship and for the fleet. In its projects, our company always takes into account the latest IMO requirements.

Ballast Water Treatment Plant (BWTS)

Shipping moves over 80% of the world’s commodities and transfers approximately 3 to 5 billion tonnes of ballast water internationally each year. A similar volume may also be transferred domestically within countries and regions each year. Ballast water is absolutely essential to the safe and efficient operation of modern shipping, providing balance and stability to un-laden ships. However, it may also pose a serious ecological, economic and health threat..