Fishing vessel «ATLANTIC SIRIUS»

The specification has been developed and the design has been carried out fully for the vessel’s fuel metering control system on the Main Engine, for the module of 3 diesel generators and the boiler. Installation of the torsiometer on the shaft with connection to the system. Connecting an anemometer and an inclinometer to the FCM system.
Monitoring of bunkering — receiving fuel on the ship.
Output of information to the operator panel in the central control room and to the bridge. Pairing with the GPS module. Data collection into one FCM system. Transfer of information to the customer’s office. An office information processing program.

Installation of level measurement systems in ballast, fuel HFO and MDO, RSW tanks. Output of information to the central control room on the 15-inch operator panel of the FCM system with the display of levels in tanks. Saving the history for up to 5 years.

Moscow, Russia

2018 – 2019