Air Cooler for vessel “Stena Baltica”

Delivering High-Efficiency Air Coolers Under Tight Deadlines 🚀

At the end of last year, Stena Line, a prominent name in the maritime industry, faced a critical challenge with their vessel “Stena Baltica”. The vessel’s MAN B&W 9L48/60B main engine urgently required a new air cooler by 23 December. This posed a considerable challenge as the usual delivery times from other manufacturers were significantly longer, casting doubts on meeting this tight deadline.

Breezemarine Group’s Effective Solution

Our partner, Farad S.A., quickly and efficiently produced the air cooler in 15 working days, and we delivered it a day ahead of schedule on 22 December 2023. ⏳🏆

Air cooler for main engine

Advantages of Breezemarine Group and Our Partner Farad S.A. for Air Coolers

Compatibility with Major Marine Engines: The air coolers are meticulously designed for compatibility with engines from all significant builders, ensuring seamless integration.

Expert Refurbishment Consultation: We offer specialized advice on refurbishment opportunities, a cost-saving option for maritime operations.

Rapid Delivery for Urgent Maritime Needs: Understanding the critical nature of maritime schedules, we are committed to fast delivery times, particularly for standard air cooler products.

Customized Air Cooler Solutions: Catering to unique requirements, we provide various customization options for air coolers.

High-Efficiency Air Cooling Technology: The air coolers are designed for optimal performance, ensuring high efficiency in maritime operations.

Use of Quality Materials: Durability and reliability are ensured by using high-quality raw materials to manufacture the air coolers.

Invitation for Future Collaborations

This achievement underscores Breezemarine Group’s commitment to delivering exceptional solutions under tight deadlines. We are proud to be a trusted partner of Stena Line and look forward to future collaborations.

If your maritime operations demand reliability, efficiency, and quick turnaround, Breezemarine Group is your go-to solution. For collaborations, queries, or more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.