How We Built the New Oil Water Cooler for the Vessel “STENA BALTICA” in Just 15 Days!

The maritime industry is no stranger to challenges, and ingenious responses keep the industry afloat. We at Breezemarine Group recently had an experience that illustrates this perfectly.

🚢 The Challenge on STENA BALTICA

Stena Line, which operates the vessel STENA BALTICA, encountered a critical need: manufacturing a new oil water cooler. The challenge? They only had the dimensions from an old photograph of the oil water cooler, and no technical drawings were available.

oil water cooler for vessel

⏱ A Race Against Time

Most of the suppliers that were approached pushed back their delivery timelines significantly, with some even deferring to the following year. Stena Line, however, needed the oil water cooler by 23 December 2023.

🤝 The Breezemarine Group’s Commitment

Recognizing the urgency and importance of the situation, the Breezemarine Group team, in collaboration with our trusted partner, Farad S.A., accepted the challenge.

🛠️ Engineering Solution

Our strategy was anchored in two fundamental principles: meticulous technical accuracy and rapid execution. Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and resources, we embarked on a mission to meet and surpass our expectations.

🏁 A Triumph of Engineering and Efficiency

The result? On 22 December 2023, a day ahead of the deadline, the new oil water cooler, which had been created from scratch, was ready and delivered. We achieved this in an impressive turnaround of just 15 working days.

🌊 Turning Problems into Opportunities

This project with Stena Line was more than just a transaction; it embodied our belief that every problem presents an opportunity. Our ability to transform challenges into successful outcomes sets us apart in the maritime industry.

📞 Ready to Assist

We at Breezemarine Group are more than just suppliers; we offer solutions. Whether it’s spare parts, marine equipment, or complex engineering solutions, our team stands ready to assist.

If you are facing a maritime challenge, require a swift solution, or need a reliable partner in the industry, contact us. Let’s navigate these challenges together.

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