Breezemarine Group is a progressive developing European company in the field of general technical supply, engineering development and marine services for the fleet.

Over ten years of experience in the maritime industry, we have earned the trust of customers around the world. We constantly monitor trends in the maritime industry and implement them promptly. We have offices in several countries, which helps us to quickly solve any problems of the fleet.


The main direction of our activity is the supply of spare parts and equipment for ships. It is also an important area of our activity. Development and implementation of innovative engineering solutions for the automation of fuel metering on a ship.

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Our goal is to improve the efficiency of work, increase the economic efficiency and quality of the fleet, extend the service life of expensive components and mechanisms, and satisfy customer organizations.

Attention to the tasks and needs of clients, efficiency and professionalism are our main principles. Our mission is to make the work of the fleet more efficient and the crew easier.

Breeze Marine - комплексные услуги для флота


12years on the market


Extensive experience in the international market
A wide range of partners around the world
Well-coordinated work of fast selection and delivery of the required equipment and spare parts
Innovative engineering solutions for any fleet

Breeze Marine - комплексные услуги для флота


Chemical tanker «Sichem Mumbai»

Installation of a differential fuel consumption control system on the main engine. The system for supplying fuel additives has been developed and implemented, taking into account the instant fuel consumption.

Cruise ferry «ROMANTIKA»

Installation of a system for monitoring bunkering (receiving fuel on a ship) in real time. The system has passed metrological verification and is connected to the main fuel consumption metering system.

«Atlantic Bridge» Bulk

Installation of a differential system on the main engine and 3 diesel generators. Information output to the operator panel 10 inches in the CPU. Output of information to the general ship network in CSV format. The vessel operators are provided with direct access to the data.


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